Facilitating the Claims Process

    In the event of a financial loss, you need a partner equipped to expedite your clients’ claims and represent their interest. That partner is Roanoke Claims Services, a division of Roanoke Insurance Group Inc.

    Quality and experience are the hallmarks of this specialized unit, providing our clients with expedited and professional claims management services. With a combined total of over 164 years of experience in claims handling, our customer-centric staff is the perfect solution to your clients’ Cargo, Transportation Legal Liability or Errors and Omissions insurance claims.

    When it comes to Cargo insurance claims, we have the know-how to work on your client’s behalf with insurance adjusters to ensure that the claim is settled responsibly and responsively. We also aggressively handle transportation-related subrogation to recover monies from carriers in an effort to successfully reduce claims ratios and minimize losses.

    The majority of our claims personnel have prior training and technical experience working for insurance companies. They are proficient with Cargo policy clauses; claims adjustments and calculations; claims documents; salvage procedures and survey arrangements. Our claims personnel undergo a thorough training program to ensure we are providing consistent, quality service to which our clients are accustomed.

    How to File A Cargo Claim

    The following instructions will assist your clients in the event of a claim. These guidelines are also available as a printable download.

    1. Document the conditions of the cargo upon delivery.
    2. Minimize the loss—immediately protect the cargo from any further loss or damage.
    3. Preserve all packing, damaged goods and seals until advised otherwise by Roanoke Claims.
    4. Notify Roanoke Claims immediately at 1.800.ROANOKE Ext. 1064 or via email at
    5. Contact a surveyor to assess the loss/damage immediately. File a formal notice of claim against the carrier.
    6. Retain all copies of the shipping documents.

    General Average Claims

    To avoid delay in the release of your client’s cargo in a General Average claim situation, notify Roanoke Claims at 1.800.ROANOKE Ext. 1064, or via email at immediately and submit the documents listed below.

    • Copy of the Commercial Invoice(s)
    • Copy of the Ocean Bill(s) of Lading
    • Copy of Written Notice of Claim Against Carrier

    Transportation Legal Liability Claims

    Bill of Lading

    The following instructions will assist your clients in handling a Bill of Lading Legal Liability claim that may be presented against them. These guidelines are also available here.

    • Advise the cargo owner to present their claim to their own first-party cargo insurer in order to secure the broadest form of coverage since your liability may be limited.
    • File formal claims against all liable parties.
    • Retain all copies of the Ocean, Air and/or Inland Bills of Lading (front and reverse sides), delivery receipts, pictures, survey report, freight invoice, customs entries and other documentation on the shipment.
    • Submit all pertinent information to Roanoke Claims at

    Errors and Omissions Claims

    In the event of a claim, we suggest your clients contact Roanoke Claims immediately for instructions specific to their situations. However, below is a guide of steps that need to be taken once they are made aware of a loss:

    (Until first having consulted with and obtained approval from underwriters or its designated attorneys)

    • Make any payment
    • Assume any obligation
    • Incur any expense
    • Admit liability

    If a claim is made against you OR if you know if any possible claim situation for which you may be held responsible, whether actual or potential, immediately notify: or call 1.800.ROANOKE, Ext. 1064.