Commercial Marine Insurance for Global Trade & Logistics Risks

    Insurance Solutions for Unique Risks

    Roanoke Underwriting provides our agent/broker partners with a total commercial marine insurance solution for companies with global supply chains and logistics service providers. Each of our products is specifically designed to respond to the unique risk profiles of the entities that make up this dynamic and complex industry. Our underwriting focus and expertise over the last eight decades are behind the breadth and depth of the flexible and broad coverage we have offer.

    Worldwide Marine Cargo

    Marine insurance covers goods for the risks of physical loss that occurs during transit via ocean, air, truck or rail to domestic and international destinations. Specific focus is given to covering goods throughout the supply chain and avoiding coverage gaps with an end-to-end solution. We offer protection for many types of damage or loss that may occur during shipment between its point of origin and its final destination, including rough handling, collision, overturn, theft, mis-delivery, non-delivery, jettison, General Average and natural disasters.

    Worldwide Stock Throughput including CAT (Catastrophic) Perils

    “Cradle to grave” coverage, Stock Throughput insurance combines Cargo insurance, Warehouse insurance, including CAT Peril coverage, i.e. Earthquake, Wind & Flood, elements of Business Income insurance and Contingency insurance in one easy-to-use package. Standard Cargo insurance and Property policies contain several exclusions and gaps that are seldom uncovered until there is a claim. A Stock Throughput policy eliminates these gaps and creates a policy that protects merchandise on a global basis from loss or damage for the entire time the insured is responsible for the goods. You’ll be providing continuous coverage, a single claims process, and reduced premium expenses.

    Project Cargo

    Complex moves of project and oversize cargo present several challenges to many traditional insurers, as they are unfamiliar with these unique shipments. Roanoke’s highly skilled and experienced underwriters are most familiar with the nuances of these distinctive risks and can design the coverage your clients need to accommodate many different types of shipments. This includes everything from high-value and/or oversize cargo, shipments to high-risk destinations and cargo subject to short- and/or long-term staging.

    Transportation Legal Liability

    Freight forwarders, property brokers, warehouse operators and other intermediaries are all in positions to be held liable for damage to cargo while in their care, custody and control or when simply arranging for shipment. Roanoke offers specialty coverage under various forms to defend intermediaries against these allegations and provide for indemnification when found negligent. Our portfolio of Transportation Legal Liability products includes: Bill of Lading Legal Liability, Motor Truck Cargo, Legal Liability insurance, Warehouse Legal Liability insurance, Bailee Liability insurance, Packers’ Legal Liability insurance, Contingent Motor Cargo Liability and FDA re-inspection fee coverage.

    Warehouse / Bailee Legal Liability

    Warehouse operators have a legal responsibility for cargo loss or damage while in their care, custody or control. The amount of exposure varies depending on terms of the warehouse receipt, if any. Bailee/Warehouse Legal Liability coverage from Roanoke will pay to defend the warehouseman and pay settlements rendered in the event of a claim. Our policy form has a broad definition of property and provides coverage on an all-risk basis.

    the PORTal

    Agents and their clients can access an on-line application via the PORTal, which provides you with an automated approach to administer and control your Cargo policy. The PORTal filters shipment details to reduce errors and eliminate coverage mistakes when issuing insurance certificates. The portal is also is designed to keep users within their underwriting authority and expedites the turnaround process of special quotations.