Tailored Products for Global Logistics Risks

    Creative Solutions for Your Client’s Risk Profile

    Roanoke Underwriting offers specialty products tailored to the unique needs of the global logistics industry. Our experience working closely with brokers and risk managers has enabled us to create solutions that not only address the industry’s diverse risks to safeguard against loss but also meet compliance obligations.

    Errors & Omissions Coverage for Transportation Professionals

    Roanoke developed a specialty Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance program that responds to the unique professional liability exposures impacting transportation intermediaries and customs brokers – must-have coverage in the wake of supply chain complexity, increased regulations, and growing shipper expectations. Coverage is written on a claims-made policy form and includes first-dollar defense.

    Our E&O program covers the activities of the following transportation professionals:

    • Custom Brokers
    • Property Brokers
    • Domestic Freight Forwarders
    • International Freight Forwarders
    • NVOCCs
    • Warehouse Operators
    • Air Freight Forwarders
    • Certified Cargo Screeners
    • 3PLs

    ATA Carnet

    An ATA Carnet is an international customs document that provides duty and tax-free customs clearance for temporary imports into foreign countries. ATA Carnets simplify the entry by eliminating the need to post some form of financial guarantee, i.e., a Temporary Import Bond. ATA Carnets are recognized in over 100 destinations for virtually all types of merchandise, whether hand-carried or cargo-shipped.


    Along with an ATA Carnet, the holder must provide security to the United States Council for International Business (USCIB), the guaranteeing association in our country. The USCIB requires security from all Carnet holders in the event of a default. The required amount is typically 40% of the total value of the General List, with some exceptions.


    Roanoke provides an enhanced ATA Carnet Cargo Insurance program to insure goods for the entire duration of the ATA Carnet. This policy is designed to cover losses not typically covered under a standard transit policy. Features of this policy include “All Risks” coverage for new and used goods, including transit to and from a foreign Carnet member country, as well as the time the merchandise is in those countries; and duty reimbursement in the event goods are lost or stolen. The policy also covers goods checked as luggage or hand-carried on a commercial airline.


    Replacing a lost ATA Carnet can result in costly replacement and delivery fees as well as lengthy delays. Purchasing Lost Document coverage at the time of the initial ATA Carnet application is a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate these potential risks.