Insuring Global Trade & Logistics Risks

    Independent insurance agents and brokers seeking responsive service and best-in-class insurance, surety and ATA Carnet products for clients involved in global trade and transportation look to Roanoke Underwriting as their resource for a total solution. Our appetite in the market is broad with products designed to address the various constituents making up the supply chain industry.

    Companies with Global Supply Chains

    With expanding trade agreements among countries, it has become increasingly important that agents and brokers have a partner who understands the complexities of arranging Marine Cargo insurance for manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, and wholesalers. Roanoke Underwriting is that partner. We will assist you in evaluating the risk profile of your client and securing the right amount of coverage for physical damage or loss of their goods while being transported.


    Third-Party Logistic Providers (3PLs) include firms that arrange shipments, manage and provide advice on transportation and transportation-related services for shippers, freight carriers and other related entities. They include brokers, freight forwarders, rail transporters, consolidators, shippers and air cargo agents. Each require a nimble insurance solution to meet today’s challenges and risks in the face of a rapidly changing industry with tougher regulations, an increased dependency on online technology resulting in greater cyber threats and a more sophisticated and demanding clientele. Roanoke Underwriting with eight decades of experience is positioned to help you meet the challenges 3PLs face today and into the future.

    Freight Forwarders & Property Brokers

    Roanoke Underwriting assists insurance agents and brokers in navigating the various risks freight forwarders and property brokers face with insurance and bond solutions, loss prevention and risk management. Specialty programs for freight forwarders include coverage for goods in transit including warehousing or distribution to Errors & Omissions, Cargo Legal Liability and OTI bonds. Our offerings are designed to protect firms specializing in arranging storage and shipping of merchandise on behalf of its shippers.

    We can also assist you in securing the insurance coverages and bonds property brokers require when arranging the transportation of property by an authorized motor carrier. This involves but is not limited to Shipper’s Interest coverage, Contingent Cargo insurance, Professional Liability insurance, and BMC-84 Bonds, among others.

    Customs Brokers

    Roanoke Underwriting’s mix of insurance, bonds, specialized products, services and technology are the perfect fit for customs brokers. We offer an efficient, streamlined Customs Bonds process to facilitate smooth entry clearance with our automated platform. Our all-risk Cargo insurance protects shipments while in transit. Errors & Omissions insurance will respond in the event of a claim alleging negligence or a mistake on the part of a custom broker in the shipping process.