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Freight costs have spiked in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which decimated Houston and the surrounding region. As businesses reopen and look to stock their shelves, many shippers are experiencing significantly higher rates. For example, according to online load board DAT Solutions LLC, the cost to hire a tractor-trailer to move freight from Dallas to… Read More

We’ve seen “uberization” – changing the market by introducing a new way of using or buying a service – in a number of industry sectors including the taxi business (think Uber, Lyft) and hospitality (Airbnb, HomeAway), among others. In addition, just as you can find and pay for a ride using your mobile device, business… Read More

Intermodal transportation combines the best abilities of different transportation modes to deliver service, savings, and solutions to shippers. Intermodal refers to any freight movement that involves transferring a shipping container from one mode of transportation to another—including, for instance, a move from ship to rail to truck or vice versa. Throughout the process, intermodal facilitators,… Read More